• Bridge the gap between strategy and creativity 
  • Minimise risks typical of design projects
  • Achieve a better result by starting at the beginning 

We do brand strategy. That means finding the meaning in what you do, creating a refined vision of your purpose and letting that vision speak to your customers and inspire them.

We’re not here for people in it for the money, we’re here for you because you care about what you do and the people you do it for. We’ll help you to succeed and make an impact.

1. Strategic Diagnosis

To stand out and help your people you’ll to uncover your brand. You can’t find your true brand without this. 

Discover your brand

Let’s do it right the first time! We throw away assumptions about what you need and take a 30k foot view of your situation. These two day interactive sprints set the foundation for marketing and user-experience. To get an idea for why we start with strategic discovery, read this

We work with one client at a time during strategic discovery and request key stakeholders for the whole two days. The deliverables translate the intangible into specific, actionable guidelines that anyone can use to work on your brand:


Who are your ideal customers? How do their needs intersect with yours? How will you impact their lives?

Look & Feel

What textures, colours and shapes carry your message best? A comprehensive visual system that can be applied to any medium.


Who are you? How will you interact with the world? How will you speak? What is your message? How will people think of you?

The discovery process in a nutshell


Together with key stakeholders, we look for the big WHYs. This means looking at organisation goals, the value proposition, and profiling the ideal customers. The insights uncovered will be the essential bedrock on which the project will be built.


We connect the dots between the reasons you exist, and the outcome you require for your business and your customers. Together we chart a course, and plan for action. 

2. Everything Else

We’re happy to stop with the above and hand over to other specialised creatives. With the very targeted brief we discovered together, your other partners will be setup for success. 

It could also be that we are a good fit for some of what you need, and move forward with creative deliverables. If so, here’s some things we can help with:


The final stylescape is a solid foundation to create an identity system, including your logo.


We work with WordPress, Shopfiy or Webflow to create a semantic, accessible website. See below.


We love working in print and produce things such as booklets, menus and stationary. 

Our Web Process

The strategic discovery process has set us up with a strong starting point for a website. Much of what the website can do will have been outlined in the second day of strategy.

Too many designed sites are overly complicated, breaking the experience. We strive for elegant, timeless and basic web design that does what it needs to well, and nothing more. Thus we save on suplurfuous development costs as well as design time.

The first step to getting a site made though is translating that into content strategy. We outlining what the user needs to fulfil their goals and define a information architecture and user experience. Only when a complete picture has formed do we move into development, building on the most suitable web framework.

Content Strategy

Outlining what the user needs to fulfil his goals and creating success criteria for the website.

Information Architecture

How different bites of information relate to each other. Leads into how the site will be used. 

User Experience

A good experience comes from the first two things having been thought out. 

At this point we have a site structure and can create the content and copy. Once this is ready, we mockup a couple of key pages, and start building. Because of the work done up to this point, we’ve eliminated a lot of the inherent risk of a website project, and building is a breeze.