Why are brands like masks?

It’s hard for most of us to show up every day and promote our business. What will you say? And even if you know what you want to talk about, how will you say it? 

A well defined brand identity can help with all of that, setting you up with a voice and messages that will help you impact your customers the most. 

When we do discovery as a part of setting up a brand, we look at a business, it’s mission, core values and the impact it will have in the lives of it’s customers. This is distilled into basic attributes, from where we find the characterics of the voice. 

For Spunky Carrot, we identified that our voice is frank, fun and supportive. This forms our mask, and helps us speak. 

The voice is by no means the easy part, but it’s easier than finding the right messages to lead with. You know who you are, or you can find out, but what about the customer? We look at the ideal customer’s background, dreams, problems and how your product fits into these, identifying traits. 

Thee customer customer traits can be matched against the voice’s attributes, creating all kinds of opportunities to create content. 

Importantly, a brand needs to keep track of these details in how it’s needs match up with their customer’s needs, at the same time as remembering the overarching values and ‘why’s’ that give you the bounce in your step.

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