Nobody should die for our snacks.

Branding for vegan food pedlars. Find your voice. Rock you world.

Founder Alistair Dark: equal parts Gandalf, Asterix and Tyrion

“In 2016 I drove from Brisbane to Sydney for a one-day gaming convention. After, I wound up having a late night calzone at the bar at Gigi’s. It made me cry. I want to bring high integrity experiences like that to more plant-based food.” – About Ali

Life is short.

We’ve all got to step up and do what we believe in. Ignoring our hearts will get us nowhere. The good news is that acting on your ideals will put some wind in your sails, so you’ve only got to start. I want to use my experience and abilities for the right cause (birthing the vegan world) not selling out to old ideas of comfort and security.

Punch high

Brands are hard to create and maintain, but they’re a lot of fun and attract more people. A lot of small businesses really shoot themselves in the foot by skimping on branding, or creating a brand based on their own taste. The world can’t afford this. Vegan businesses need to punch above their weight and beat the competition. A good brand can do this.